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Batman Three Jokers #2 (Of 3) Premium Variant E Death In The Family Top Hat & Monocle

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It's one of the most anticipated comic book stories of the decade: Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok! Debuting in August, this three-issue Prestige Format DC Black Label series delivers the payoff to the years-long mystery of why - and how - there are three Jokers, and what that revelation means to the eternal conflict between Batman, his allies, and the Clown Prince of Crime. To commemorate this landmark series, DC offers retailers nine Premium Variant Covers for Batman: Three Jokers, each illustrated by series artist Jason Fabok. Along with the main cover and open-to-order variant cover, each issue of Batman: Three Jokers will have three Premium Variant Covers, showcasing Fabok's interpretation of a different face of The Joker's madness from throughout DC history. All nine of the Premium Variant Covers mirror Fabok's main covers for the three-issue series, giving a close-up look at even more of The Joker's terrifying incarnations. The minimum order for each Batman: Three Jokers Premium Variant Cover is 50 copies. For every 50 copies of all nine Premium Variant Covers ordered (450 copies total), retailers may order one copy of the Batman: Three Jokers #3 ""compilation"" Premium Variant Cover for free, combining all nine Premium Variant Covers and the three main covers; collecting 12 of Fabok's creepy and compelling headshots of The Joker into one cover. The Premium Variant Covers will qualify towards the 1:25 and 1:100 ratio variant covers of each issue of Batman: Three Jokers.